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Preparations for glampers!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Winter is thawing here at Miller's Huts Dorset and last week's Imbolc was a reassuring reminder that Spring is just around the corner. The subtle hints are already here, with the swans back on the millpond and birdsong increasing. I've spent the last few days preparing John's Hut for glampers; sanding back and painting the floor has been strangely therapeutic. I wanted to do this last year and was a little nervous about ruining the floor boards, but it's looking smart and I'm thrilled with the result. Outside the sheep have been grazing around both huts, eating the grass has been a huge help in our preparations. I don't mind that they knock everything over in the process! Mainly though we've been mulling over the extra touches ... what can we do to make life easier for our glampers? Last season we were aware of guests arriving tired and hungry after long drives and sadly there is no longer a pub within a short walking distance of the shepherd's huts (if you're keen you can of course trek the 40 minutes up hill to Shaftesbury...). So this year, for an additional cost, we plan to offer guests a cold 'plate to share' of delicious nibbles on the evening of their arrival. You can light the stove and relax, a perfect start to your stay!

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