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Both huts are idyllic retreats overlooking the millpond that feeds a late 19th century iron waterwheel, the centre of operations here at Cann Mills, Shaftesbury. Once the sole provider of energy the waterwheel now accounts for a quarter of the power. My husband's family business, N.R. Stoate & Sons, is one of the few independent stone mills still operating commercially in the country. The family have been milling since 1832, first in Watchet, Somerset and then Bristol, with my husband's father starting out on his own at Cann Mills in 1947. Cann Mills was recorded in the Domesday Book and was one of five mills within a mile on the River Sturkel, a tributary to the River Stour. Today the mill produces nine types of organic stoneground flour using traditional French Burr millstones primarily driven by the waterwheel. This is unlike the more commercial metal rolls used in mass flour production - which remove most of the goodness. Why not take a craft baking course with artisan baker Paul Merry in Panary (here at Cann Mills) and enjoy glamping in Dorset with us! 

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