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After lockdown!

Here we are. Nearly on the other side with July 4th and an easing rapidly approaching. With flour demand up a mighty 40% nationally, the mill has been beyond busy these past weeks particularly with online sales, this is as well as our regular wholesalers and commercial bakers. Everyone's been baking! In between homeschooling, I've taken the opportunity to give the huts a lick of paint. John's Hut now has smart painted floor boards and this weekend we're erecting some handcrafted hurdles to provide additional privacy in the paddock. We've strung up a stripy hammock too. Miller's Hut has a freshly painted front door as well as the inside walls. But it's the paddocks that the huts sit in that required the real hard work; clearing brambles, nettles, docks and thistles as well as trimming back willow branches. Not wanting it to be manicured, who wants to tame nature, but tidy all the same. It's been an opportunity to listen to some great podcasts whilst getting stuck in and I've relished the physical activity. I'm also proud of our 'weed free' veggie garden (always a battle with bind weed and nettles). Rarely heard of here!

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