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Restorative NOURISH Retreats

With modern living increasingly challenging on many levels, this summer a series of restorative retreats will be hosted in the pretty surroundings of Miller's Huts Dorset. The personalised retreats are for a maximum of two people with a focus on nourishment and vitality. What does personalised mean? I create your retreat to meet your specific needs, because everyone is individual and unique. A questionnaire is sent to be completed prior to retreat. 


Three nights away in nature, and with guidance from myself, a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, will allow you the opportunity to replenish and leave with tools to weave into daily life that continue to support you. I will take the thinking out of your days, support mind and body, leaving you relaxed and recalibrated. You will improve energy, have clearer thinking, release toxins, reduce bloating and fatigue, and more.  

Do you need to press the reset button?

Retreat guests will enjoy:

  • 3 nights in John's or Miller's Hut, both overlook the millpond with unhurried corners and hammocks.

  • A private 60 minute health review with myself, a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, receiving nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, and Bach Flower essences to support you. With a complimentary 30 minute followup call 3 weeks after departure. (Value £180.)

  • Nourishing gut-friendly meals prepared with local, organic ingredients.

  • Cold-pressed juices, herbal infusions, spring water and digestive bitters.

  • Castor oil compress.

  • Evening fireside talks with Cacao, for instance sleep hygiene and balancing blood sugars.

  • Time exploring Shaftesbury, a hilltop town famous for Gold Hill, and an infrared sauna.

  • A selection of natural, paraben-free shower treats.

Personalised, restorative retreats for TWO guests, each enjoying the beautiful surrounds of Miller's or John's Hut. Reinforce and focus on a healthier you, gain energy from nature and detox from the digital world. Travel solo or come with your partner* or a friend. Retreats will be held over the summer months ~

  • May 31st to June 3rd

  • 5th to 8th July

  • 2nd to 5th August

  • 6th to 9th September​


per guest. All inclusive and personal, including a private 1:1 consultation, and followup after departure, to help you realise your health goals.
* For those wishing to come with their partner and share a hut, a 25% discount off the full price is offered to the 'second person' (£472.50).
We look forward to welcoming you.
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