The quirky field kitchen is situated in an old tin shed and sits between John's and Miller's huts in a paddock. With a wonderful patina it is totally transformed from a lambing shed into a very rustic but dry kitchen for our hutters. With a table and chairs as well as an area to prepare food, it's a great spot to gather at the end of the day and share a meal by candlelight.


The field kitchen is equipped with crockery, a small fridge, two stove gas hob, hob kettle, toaster and further cooking equipment/utensils, as well as store cupboard essentials such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt & pepper. Washing up is available here too, though you'll have to boil the kettle! Here you will also find the tripod and grill for use over the fire pit.

Because neither hut is connected to water, in the field kitchen you will find an 8L Kilner glass water dispenser with pure spring water suitable for cooking and drinking. There's a tap in the mill yard (again pure spring water) if you need to refill.


Your breakfast of homemade bread (made with our organic flour of course!), muesli with yoghurt and fruit to accompany, organic jam/marmalade, butter, juice and ground coffee (Lavazza Oro) is left in the field kitchen to be enjoyed at leisure.