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a PLACE in which to RETREAT.


Glamping in Dorset! Remember that 1973 Hovis commercial starring a bread delivery boy pushing his bike up a steep cobbled hill? Gold Hill, Shaftesbury was the setting for one of the most famous British television adverts ever. The ad evoked a forgotten England of morning mist and thatched roofs, an England in which everyone had time to talk to one another and there was fresh-baked bread on every table. From the huts walk across the fields and up the lane to Gold Hill and enjoy a coffee at the The Salt Cellar, perched at the top. With sweeping views across the Blackmore Vale, it really is quite beautiful!

If you are travelling without a car, Gillingham (Dorset) station is 15 minutes away. can help you plan your trip and we are happy to collect you from the station.

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